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A new project from the restaurant "Abazhur" pizza delivery with a crispy crust on the dough on the author's recipe.

Probably, you already know with some trepidation we treat the quality of the dishes made for you in our restaurant. This is the approach we have for cooking our pizzas.


The best difference between our pizza is a thin dough made from three Italian varieties of flour, a crispy rosy crust and high-quality ingredients certified in Italy itself.

In the manufacture of dough, we use natural sourdough, which we ourselves produce. We strictly carry out a certain technology of kneading, fermentation and storage. Why did we choose such a dough preparation option?

Because the pizza dough turns out - special, and baked pizza - with an excellent pleasant aftertaste. Our dough stays at a certain temperature for at least 36 hours, which allows us to achieve high quality pizza and that crisp golden crust ... We add Italian malt, extra virgin olive oil, a minimum of French yeast, sea salt, etc. to the dough.

In the preparation of our pizza, we use products with a quality mark DOP - literally means - the name is protected by origin. This distinctive mark is assigned to those products, the whole cycle of processing of which, from growing, production and finishing to the finished product, is carried out in a certain area. For example, Grana Padano cheese is made in a certain area where cows graze, eat local grass, and now milk is already in a cheese factory, the process of cheese ripening is up to 24 months. Grana Padano cheese gives our pizza a savory taste with a slight nutty tint ... Meat ingredients are only Italian, we buy vegetables from local Ukrainian farmers. Flour, three kinds, imported from the Italian region of Veneto.

The flour that we use is considered particularly useful because it contains more plant proteins, minerals and fiber, which has a cleansing effect on the intestines and has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the stomach and the entire digestive tract as a whole.

We hope that you will enjoy the taste of our pizza, which is absolutely easy to digest in your body and create the effect of satiety for at least 3 hours! The recommended serving is one pizza per person!

We will be happy if you like our pizza.

We wish you a good APPETIT!

And also we want to introduce our desserts to you - this is inspiration for us, it allows us to make your every day happier and happier!

We offer a menu of desserts for delivery daily, but also cakes to order, for any of your holiday or event.

Eclairs and a la carte cakes, we can deliver to you on the same day. To determine the possibility of delivery to your address, find your address in the delivery card on our website. Delivery borders are indicated by the corresponding color. If everything is good, and you are near, the cost of delivery will be in the amount of 30 UAH. If not, you can pick up our products yourself.

And who wants to ask about our quality, we will continue our story ...

For the refined taste and design, we improve our cooking technologies daily and improve our level of professionalism! In the production of desserts, we use only high-quality natural ingredients - Belgian chocolate; cream; nuts; exclusive spices - “Madagascar vanilla” and natural “Moldonian” salt from England itself; fresh berries and fruits.

In our desserts there are no flavors, flavor enhancers and pastry mixes.

We will prepare for the order, any of the favorite cakes on our website and not only.

You can choose for yourself different tasty options, and we will design your cake for you in any design!

Making cakes to order with all the wishes, the date of manufacture is pre-negotiated by telephone with the master pastry chef. Tel. 067-560-56-19

We produce a wide range of sweets, besides those that are presented on the website, we can offer more than 15 types of cakes with different fillings and designs, eclairs, tarts, cupcakes, etc.

We will be happy, be useful to you!

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