The possibility of delivery to your address can be determined by the map on our website.
 The minimum amount for delivery of an order over a distance of over 3 km is 250 UAH.
 The shipping cost zone is indicated on the map in the corresponding color.
 Peach color up to 3 km, delivery by courier to the door - shipping cost 30 UAH.
 Green color from 3 to 5 km, delivery via taxi service - the cost of delivery is 40 UAH.
 Blue color from 5 km, also delivery via taxi service - shipping cost 50 UAH.
 Prepayment on the card is required upon delivery of the order through a taxi service.

 Want to pick up our products by yourself?  Order by phone
 and we will be happy to make pizza for you!
 Address:  Pastry shop "Abazhur" on the street.  General Pushkin, 1 - tel.  067-560-56-19

You can pay for the order in cash or transfer funds using abank card.

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